The Nimbus Project

The Nimbus Project is a planned project whose purpose is to provide everyone with a safer alternative to traditional cloud services like webmail, cloud storage, and cloud collaboration software. Nimbus will be completely open source, from the hardware implementation to the application stack; and will support strict security and privacy policies designed to protect user data. The best part is that, unlike traditional servers which require technical knowledge to setup and maintain, Nimbus will be programmed to be self-managed in as many ways as possible. This self management will reduce the amount of work necessary to keep the server running, and will include management features such as:

  • Automatic staging and updating of software
  • Principle-Of-Least-Privilege Implementation Via MAC/DAC and Sandboxing
  • Built-In Network Routing (This Makes It Easier To Setup Port Forwarding)
  • Host/Network Intrusion Prevention
  • Server Virtualization
  • Metadata Scrubbing
  • Kernel and Application Hardening
  • Automatic Provisioning of Local Storage, Repository-Hosted Applications, and Users
  • Automatic Encryption Via LUKS Disk Encryption and Let’s Encrypt TLS
  • And much more.

If you’re interested in helping us make this project a reality, consider supporting our Pluto Project IndieGoGo campaign to provide the funding necessary to move these goals along.